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Pursuant to Section 120.57(3), Florida Statutes, and Rule Chapter 28-110, Florida Administrative Code, any person adversely affected by the agency decision or intended decision shall file with the agency both a notice of protest in writing and bond, where applicable, within 72 hours after the posting of the notice of decision or intended decision, or posting of the solicitation with respect to a protest of the terms, conditions, and specifications contained in a solicitation and will file a formal written protest within ten days after the filing of the notice of protest. The required notice of protest and bond, and formal written protest must each be timely filed with the Florida Department of Transportation, Clerk of Agency Proceedings, 605 Suwannee St, Mail Station 58, Tallahassee FL 32399. Failure to file a notice of protest or formal written protest within the time prescribed in section 120.57(3), Florida Statutes, or failure to post the bond or other security required by law within the time allowed for filing a bond shall constitute a waiver of proceedings under Chapter 120 Florida Statutes.



All Prime Consultants and all Subvendors/subconsultants/subcontractors must register with the State's web-based e-Procurement system -"MyFloridaMarketPlace." Professional Services acquired in accordance with Chapter 287.055 Florida Statutes, are exempt from the 1% transaction fee. You can also sign up to attend a vendor registration training session or call 1-866-352-3776 for assistance.

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